Where is the company based?

Arrow Labs has offices in the US and UAE.

How long have Arrow Labs and MIMS been in the market?

The company and its core product, MIMS, have been in the market since 2011.

Does the MIMS software platform integrate with other systems? If yes, which ones?

Yes – the MIMS software platform integrates seamlessly with security, infrastructure and business systems via standard APIs. We currently have over 30+ integrations in our library to date.

Is the MIMS software platform an on-premise or cloud-based solution?

Both – MIMS can be installed on our clients’ servers as an on-premise solution or be run on our cloud infrastructure.

If MIMS is provided as a cloud-based solution, where is my data hosted?

Your data is securely stored on the Microsoft Azure cloud, the global leader in hosting services. The infrastructure is currently located in the US.

How safe is deploying the MIMS software platform through cloud?
Very – Arrow Labs is constantly stress testing and updating the MIMS systems with best practice cybersecurity standards. In addition, we leverage Azure security infrastructure, which is state-of-the-art when it comes to cloud-based solutions. You can read more on this here.
How many users can the MIMS software platform handle?

As many as you need – the system is designed to be fully elastic and is scalable on demand.

Which industries does MIMS cover?

MIMS has brought great efficiencies and success to many companies within industries such as security and emergency response, maritime, aviation and transport, facility management, hospitality and logistics.

We’re rapidly expanding our product range and capabilities to provide for even more industries in the near future.

That being said, we’d be happy to customize MIMS for your particular industry upon request – just reach out to us!

Should I experience any downtime with the MIMS software platform?

Microsoft Azure guarantees a minimum availability of 99.95%, In addition, the MIMS infrastructure includes a full failover capability in case of any unlikely emergencies or downtime of our primary region. This ensures that our customers can continue using our service with minimum disruption.

How does the MIMS software platform handle data migration?

MIMS provides several tools for migrating your legacy data, starting with CSV file-based data upload to sophisticated integration components, allowing for real-time data exchange with your existing systems infrastructure.

How customizable is the MIMS software platform dashboards?

Fully – the dashboard allows you to select from a variety of visualization elements that can be customized regarding the data to be displayed and can be individual for each user.

How do you charge for the MIMS software solution?

We charge on a per user, per month, per module basis, providing a true on-demand, pay as you go option.

I don’t need all the modules for my users. Can I select individual modules?

Yes – you can pick and choose the modules based on your needs.

Can I customize reports?

Indeed – MIMS provides a variety of reports by default that can be configured to suit your needs. Additionally, our team can customize it further to include additional reporting upon request.

How long does the watch battery last?

The watch battery is designed to last an entire day’s shift with regular use.

How well is the MIMS watch protected against water?

The MIMS watch is IP-65 rated and splash resistant.

Does the app support both IOS and Android?

Yes, we have native apps for both operating systems.