MIMS has brought great efficiencies and success to many companies within a range of industries. Read on for more information on how our product features and modules drive the industries we work in.

Security & Emergency Response

MIMS provides a state-of-the-art solution for security and responder management supported by advanced mobile capabilities. Whether it is policing operations, firefighting, paramedic or facility security, MIMS provides a powerful and robust solution that aids in elevating safety to the highest possible standard.

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Maritime, Aviation & Transport

MIMS provides a feature rich solution for managing maritime, transport and transport hub operations, covering maintenance and asset management, resource tracking, incident management, health and safety, or field task automation.

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Facility Management

MIMS provides a feature rich solution for managing large or small facilities ranging from hotels, malls, recreational or sports stadiums supported by an innovative mobile app. Create a maintenance service request, report damage, raise support tickets, schedule preventative maintenance, dispatch inspection crews, and manage crew shifts and duties. MIMS provides a powerful robust solution that aids in streamlined facility operations.

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MIMS is ideal for clients who expect to meet the gold standard in managing their hospitality operations. MIMS provides advanced features to ensure adherence to the highest possible standard in property security, customer service excellence, as well as facility management. MIMS for the hospitality industry assists in increasing staff efficiency, customer satisfaction and lowering the total operational costs.

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MIMS provides the transport industry with modern solutions for managing transport fleets and logistics operations. With sophisticated features such as tracking, route trace, job history and dispatch, MIMS delivers vital analytical data to logistics providers that focused on increasing efficiency and productivity.

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